Appearing for Vehicle For Hire Hearings




Appealing to the Administrative Hearing Officer


Within ten (10) days after receipt of a license related decision, if you are aggrieved you may appeal to a hearing officer on a form provided by the Director. To be aggrieved the decision must be one wherein you may be assessed a financial penalty, have your MTC license suspended, revoked, or denied a license or certificate or have an application placed on hold.

You may seek the services of an attorney.

Court costs of $100.00 will be assessed for appeals of citations for code violations which are unsuccessful in gaining relief from the citation.


Upon arrival, you must check in with the Hearing Officer and indicate your readiness for the hearing. You may seek one continuance from the Director for good cause shown prior to the date of appearance.  Any further continuances must be obtained from the Hearing Officer prior to the date of appearance with additional court costs applied.  The hearing shall be conducted in a manner as provided in Chapter 536 RSMo. The burden of proof is by the preponderance of evidence on the Commission. You may elect to call witnesses, cross examine witnesses, introduce documents as evidence, and testify. Opening and closing statements are allowed. The Hearing Officer will make a record and will render a decision with findings of facts and conclusions of law to follow.


The Hearing Officer may issue a decision immediately or as soon as practicable after the hearing.  Subpoenas may be issued as provided in Chapter 536 RSMo.


The time limitations for hearing review shall run from the date of the mailing of the order of the Commission.

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